Tuesday, January 5, 2010


During the past few years I have presented at a number of venues.

I have recently gotten them all prepared and uploaded for viewing at your own pace.

Riben, M. (2009). "Adoption Fees: Ethical Considerations for all Parties in Adoption." Adoption Law Institute Dec. 18, Practising Law Institute, New York Center-New York, NY

Riben, M. (2009). "The Empowerment of (American) Mothers Who Have Lost Children to Adoption" Association of Research for Mothering (ARM), Mothering and the Environment, York University, Toronto. Oct. 23
Riben, M. (2009). "Reexamining Goals: Open Records versus Equal Access". American Adoption Congress 30th Annual National Conference, Transforming Families, Connecting Lives, April 25.


Riben, M. 2007. "Alternative Routes to Permanancy: is adoption always the best alternatve?" The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute and Ethica, Inc. Adoption Ethics and Accountability Conference, Arlington, Virginia, October 15-16


Adoption IQ Quiz

Pregnant? Scared? Confused? Thinking About Adoption?

All of these presentation are coprighted. They may be viewed. Links to them may be shared. However, they are not to be used by anyone other than their author and copyright holder, Mirah,  at on-site presentations.  For on-site presentation, please comtact MRiben at AdvocatePublications.com

Full cv and list of all publications availabe at: http://AdvocatePublications.com

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