Saturday, December 11, 2010

Manufacturing Babies to Fill Orders: It's Not Sci Fi

"Egg donors often come from the U.S. or Eastern European countries since white parents tend to prefer fair-skinned children. Those countries allow donor anonymity. Parents on tighter budgets might opt for a donor from India or Latin America. Sperm is often provided by the fathers-to-be, though it's also available from a network of sperm banks in the U.S. and Europe."

This VILE, REPUGNANT quote is from a Wall Street Journal Report, Assembling the Global Baby: With an international network of surrogate mothers and egg and sperm donors, a new industry is emerging to produce children on the cheap and outside the reach of restrictive laws. The disgustingness includes women having eggs extracted by force.

The parents creating these franken-babies are unscrened for anything but their finances, leaving the door open for pedophiles or other monstrous abusers to obtain children this way. The owner of this PlanetHopsital - a former screenwriter and busines sowner - knows it and cares less! He says: "If they're a pedophile then I will leave that to the U.S. government to decide, not me."

Regard for how the created creatures might feel about all of this is of no apparent concern to the busines operator or his clients.  Children contracted by heterosexual couples are issued birth certificates listing the adoptive mother as the mother - regardless of whether she had any genetic part in their creation, while children contracted by gay couples gave the surrogate listed as mnother.


Robin said...

This is vile. As if the world needs umpteen more high-tech manufactured babies when there are over 100,000 children languishing in foster care already.

Mirah Riben said...

It's about FEAR. Fear of bad blood, fear of "damaged" kids, and fear of THE INVASION OF BIRTHPARENTS (like zombies).'s about HUBRIS, entitlement and huge EGOS that want a child that is conceived - at least in part - of THEIR DNA.

But no where is about compassion, love or any concern whatsoever of a child as a human individual. The child is no more than any other POSSESSION that they have a 'right" to order in the color and style they prefer....and do with as they may. It's a play thing. A novelty. An entrance into a different lifestyle - that of "parent."

Not very different than one going to a dog breeder and checking the papers rather than rescue a mutt from the pound. The stench of arrogance is pungent.

Robin said...

Good analogy with adopting a dog. I, personally, would only want a "recycled" pet from the shelter.

Mirah Riben said...

And the antithesis is buying from a puppy mill that breeds "designer" dogs.

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