Monday, December 6, 2010

In the News: Three Views of the Dark Side of Adoption

50 years after baby-selling in Gainesville, pain still lingers
A story that rivals "The Baby Theif"

"Ryan was arrested in 1962 after being on the run for almost two years. He was charged with 'receipt of compensation for child placement services'....The black-market baby legacy he created continues to this day, as children and birth mothers struggle to search for one another. But their searches are difficult, if not impossible, because Ryan and his successor destroyed most of their files."


Adoption - promises not kept
A story of Ireland that mirrors what the USA

"We have run a helpline for over 12 years – staffed voluntarily by natural parents who were themselves parted from their children by adoption in the past. Having listened to many thousands of very distressed women and men, we can vouch for the fact that the greatest problem they report is difficulties with the adoption agencies through which their children were adopted. For decades, they were refused any information whatsoever about their children. The introduction in recent years of promised meetings or photographs was only made in order to persuade more women to give their babies up for adoption."

Adoption: A Parenting Gauntlet
Even a seemingly "good" adoption leaves a legacy of issues...view from an adoptee.

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Keith Wilcox said...

Thank you, Mirah. I'm glad I know about this website now. And, that's so much for publicizing these adoption stories and opinions. Being an adoptee, I'm always shocked at people's complete misunderstanding of what adoption should be. I've even heard from relatives who criticized me for searching for my biological parents saying, "well, your parents (adoptive) were good to you. You have nothing to be upset about." to which I reply "huh? what? Nice lack of empathy!" Anyway, Thanks again, Mirah!

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