Monday, December 13, 2010

Fertility Insanity, the Planet and God

On Dec. 9 I reported on Wendy Walsh's solution for the environment warming: adoption.
Now, billionaire media mogul and father of five, Ted Turner, suggests the solution is world leaders adopting (forgive me) China's one-child policy on a global scale to reduce the population growth and curb green house emissions -- and ultimately, the human population.
He further suggests that poor people be allowed to sell their fertility rights allowing them to cash in on not reproducing.

Would their payment include surgery to ensure their inability to procreate?

To whom are they selling their rights - back to the government or to other people who canot even have one child??
Would some be able to cash in on selling their reproductive rights and then adopt???

Meanwhile, disbarred attorney and self-proclaimed Old School Baptist Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church suggested protesting at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards,
He, his family and a very small hand full of followers are the anti-gay nutters who have protested at the funerals of service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
But why, you might wonder, has he focused his (Christian?) hate on Elizabeth Edwards? What did this poor woman do other than die with grace and have to have her husbands philandering haunt even reports of hert death...
His reoprted reason is that Elizabeth “thought she could control God” by seeking fertility treatments in order to have two more children in her mid-forties."
Nadia Sulkeman and Kate Goselin better watch out!  And someone ought to alter Ted Turner to start his campaign  by banning fertility clinics....and Wendy - how about getting people like these to share their glutinous wealth of kids?

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Von said...

The world gets weirder every day!

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