Saturday, December 25, 2010

GIMEE: The Arrogance of Blatant and Vile Commodification

A Michigan couple who has been trying for ONE YEAR to conceive a child, is now spending $2 grand a month for this garish GIMMEE billboard!

Because, after all, they have the tree, they have a nursery all furnished, they just need to buy the kid to make it all complete. So come on...O Come All Ye Grateful Mothers...and hand over your kids to this WORTHY couple!!  After all, they want a healthy, white newborn SOO MUCH they are willing to fork over all this hard earned CASH! Doesn't that prove how loving they'll be?

They chose to ignore the 120,00 or so kids in foster care who could be adopted...doesn't that make them the kind of people you'd want caring for YOUR baby?  They don;t use their ,money to help needy kids in any way shape or form. No, they use their bountiful bucks to aggressively beg for someone to hand over their newborn!  How special!

Josh and Wendy Rougeau  also walked around with tee shirts that said "Adoption Rocks" - as if they'd know since they haven't adopted and seem to be having a hard time getting what they want - and handing out cards.

All this after just one year of trying. I bet they're really hoping that adopting will help them conceive!

The arrogance is overwhelming...

Well, here's some things you can do:
  • add your comments at the story, here
  • call the number on the billboard: 810-908-5544
GIMEE, GIMEE, GIMEE and once they get what they want they celebrate GOTCHA day!!

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