Wednesday, December 22, 2010

16 And Pregnant Recap: Ashley’s Adoption Plans ? ? ?

This is painful to read...a young girl being asked to hand over her baby girl who she loves and wants...

Many of us will identify with this struggle as described in detail here.

It is very obvious reading this current day scenario exactly why things were done they were back "in the day." Mothers were sequestered and kept from even thinking about the child growing inside them as theirs. They were kept from forming any bond pre or post delivery...some disallowed to even see their child or even know the gender.

This is why!  Once you do see your baby it is far, far harder to "chose" to give him away.

I was not in a maternity home. I struggles as Ashley did for six months, refusing to sign final papers. I knew what I wanted, as does Ashley, but like her I got zero support and was constantly badgered and pressured to let go.  You get to feeling worn down like a hostage in Guantanamo Bay exposed to water boarding until you say what they want to hear and do what they want: sign on the dotted line.

Ashley's blog:

TheStir at CafeMom writes: "Ashley, who gives up baby Callie and then falls into a devastating depression.  She goes as far as to take the baby back. Irresponsible? Of course. Understandable? Definitely." Ashey attenpts ot be supermom by aplying for college while up all night with a newborn. Too bad no one told her you don't have to have it all or do it all ALL AT ONCE! Life is long and babies are tine for a very short time. Collge could wait a year! But No one points that out to her and she ends up handing her baby girl over to her aunt and uncle for - hopefully - an open adoption.

TheStir ends by asking if MTV's 16 and Pregnant is encouraging teens to get pregnant for the attention?


Robin said...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where Ashley's heart lies. However, I do know of a case very similar to this that worked out quite well. The child is involved with all of his extended family's activities as his fmother and his aunt and uncle (who adopted him) live very close to one another. This is certainly a far cry above stranger adoption.

In other 16 and Pregnant news, I read that Catelynn and Tyler, who gave up baby Carly for adoption, were soliciting donations for their college fund. Seems their legions of admirers who praised their "mature and selfless" decision haven't coughed up one cent.

Amanda said...

Is it Ashley Salazar? I believe she changed her mind and reversed the adoption and then surrendered then again. She has a blog somewhere.

KimKim said...

Ashley, unlike you and me, had several mothers and adult adoptees sharing their experience and wisdom with her about adoption. Many mothers offered her support and she was very dismissive of them.

She also made fun of some of the mothers on her blog. I don't have excessive sympathy for her.

She seemed more interested in being on television than raising her daughter.

I could be wrong but this is the impression I got from her.

Robin said...

KimKim said:
"She seemed more interested in being on television than raising her daughter."

There has been a lot of concern that 16 & pregnant and its spinoff Teen Mom are encouraging more teenage girls to get pregnant so that they can become famous by being on these shows.

Mirah Riben said...

That's sad.

Robin said...

What's sadder still is that these shows could easily turn into a pro-adoption forum. There have been many, many comments that the girls who kept their babies should have given them up in open adoptions, too. As if the only problem with the previous era of adoptions was that the adoptions were closed instead of open.

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