Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why Resume Russian Adoptions?

Moscow and Washington may soon sign an agreement guaranteeing the rights of Russian children in international adoptions with the United States.

The issue came to a head in April, when Tory Hansen sent Artyem, a seven-year-old boy she adopted from a Russian orphanage back to Moscow – on an airplane, by himself, with a note saying she could no longer parent him.

That incident touched off an international outcry and Russian adoptions to the U.S. were halted stopping the supply of the third most common source of international U.S. adoptions, behind China and Ethiopia) until an agreement guaranteeing the children’s rights had been signed. This, with more than 3,000 of these adoptions already having been started prior to the cessation.

Now, UPI reports, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Andrei Nesterenko, has indicated that an agreement between the United States and Russia “intended to provide solid guarantees of adopted children’s rights” could be signed by the end of this year, though the U.S. State Department has yet to say whether an agreement had been reached.

Guarantee and adoption in the same sentence?  Do these bureaucrats believe that's possible? How can they possibly?

And why? WHY would the Russians want to open the floodgates yet again to Americans who are responsible for more than 15 of their children murdered by American adoptive parents...between 1996 and 2009 people who PROMISED to care for these children...forever.  This is not to mention countless others who have been abused: sexually (like Masha Allen), physically: beaten, starved, burned, caged, whipped...countless others given away to other families, sent to "camps", redidential schools and ranches with othr thrown-away kids...

Another child murdered as was David Polreis?

Another Logan Higginbotham?

Another child abused to death like Viktor Matthey?

How many more will suffer and die like Luke Evans Jacob Lindorff?

Another Zachary Higier? Jessica Albina Hagmann or Maria Bennett?

More Alex Pavlis'?

Yet more Liam Thompson's and Dennis Merryman's?

Another child abused to death like Nina Hilt?

  • What steps are being taken to prevent future abuse and murders like these? 
  • What are we doing to stem the tide of this highly disproportionate number of disrupted adoptions and horrendous abuse in adoptions involving Russian children taken in by American families? 

  • What are some of the contributing issues?
  • What can learn form these failures so the past just doesn't repeat over and over?
  • When do we say these children deserve more and better than just to be taken from Russia?

If we listen...many families struggling with children adopted from Russia - and those who have given up - are telling us one common thing: they were not prepared for what they got.

What are we doing in re-opening more adoption from Russia to ensure the Russian orphanages will be more honest and parents will be better prepared regarding expectations and preparedness to deal with the behavior problems caused by fetal alcohol syndrome and institutional care?

We need to face the issues with honesty and work for realistic solutions - even if that emans making the halt of these adoptions - permanent.

These kids are not collateral damage in a billion-dollar industry!

AND,,,as if all this is not bad enough, Russia's Ombudsman for Children's Rights Pavel Astakhov states that the treaty is bilateral and Russian families may also adopt American orphans. GREAT! let's just all sawp kids! 


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