Saturday, October 9, 2010

Be AWARE of the TRUTH of Adoption

November is Adoption Awareness Month.  It seems a fitting time for all in the adoption community with blogs to post the REALITIES.

In your own words, as an adoptee, adoptive parent or mother of a child she was convinced to relinquish...TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

** All during the month of November use your blog and write letters to the editors of your local newspapers sharing YOUR TRUTH about adoption. Help combat the industries push to promote unnecessary family separations, and more pain and loss! Help stop commodifying children to meet a demand and fatten the pockets of baby brokers and child traffickers! Help STOP THE INSANITY and support Family Preservation. And help restore EQUAL... ACCESS for adoption separated people who are discriminated against! Stop falsified birth certificates!

It's a mockery for the U.SA, to declare National Adoption Awareness Month when those of us living with adoption are DENIED any awareness of our own truth!! When we are forced to live in the dark, shrouded by secrets and lies, "protected" from one another.

RAISE YOUR VOICES as the TRUE EXPERTS: those who live with adoption...those whose lives have been changed irrevocably by it; victims of a bizarre human experiment promoted by a lucrative industry.

** Head your blog post with the words "Truth in Adoption" and use that phrase as a keyword.

** Send links to your blog posts and published letters so we can all cross post!

Lots of blogging will get the media's attention!

A wonderful blog from last year:

* * * * IN ADDITION: * * * * Organize IN-PERSON DEMONSTRATIONS at your state building, or local NOW or ACLU, or the NCFA Hdqrtrs - anywhere locally appropriate ON NOVEMBER 20 - National Adoption DAY! She details here! And be sure to send out PRESS RELEASES for your event. 
Attract the media. !! Do street theater. Wear costumes. Come in chains.

** ALSO: Sponsor an Awareness of Truth in Adoption night at your local library! Compile a list of suggested books and ask the library to have as many as possible on hand. Compile information sheets listing website and places to access the TRUTH. See


If enough of us participate it will generate media attention.

Stay in the loop on all related events and to share your links via Facebook.


Von said...

Will continue to do so as long as I can speak and sit at the computer.However November deserves special attention...working on it.

Robin said...


In an earlier blog comment you had stated that your daughter was abandoned after college. Would you mind elaborating on this? I am wondering if it is similar to what happened to me. Thank you.

Mirah Riben said...

Robin, I would be glad to discuss this with you via email:

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