Wednesday, October 27, 2010

International Adoption Warriors: Their Goal 50,000 a Year by 2050

The anti-family, pro-redistrubition of children for profit folks are at it again in full swing with a new web page.

The mission of the Both Ends Burning Campaign

A family is a child’s most basic human right. Both Ends Burning is a broad-based campaign to create a new system of international adoption so that the world’s orphaned and abandoned children can benefit from the support of a permanent family. [Why can't that permanent family be the one they were born into?]

Children who have families thrive and lead healthy, meaningful lives. [So why do these people take children away from their fmailies?] Children who do not suffer from unmet needs and developmental, emotional and intellectual challenges, and even permanent damage.

They lead wasted lives, wrongfully detained in substandard orphanages, or worse, left to fend for themselves in homelessness or slavery.

Through creative works, grassroots outreach, and social and traditional media, the Both Ends Campaign works to shed light on the crisis that is strangling international adoption. [Boo hoo] Adoptions to the U.S. have fallen by 50 percent in the last six years. [And yet there are 129,000 kid sin US foster care who COUYLD be adopted!] Countries are closing their adoption programs to overseas families. [Because of corruption!] Would-be parents face hope-crushing delays, expenses and bureaucracy under the existing system. [Boo F*&KIN' HOO] Meanwhile, the number of orphans continues to grow. [A number that is intentionally escalated and most of which are not orphans, but kids with families in orphanages temporarily!]

Both Ends Burning provides an alternative common-sense solution to replace the current process. What’s needed is a new international adoption system that works to match waiting children with eligible families in a time frame measured in a few months, not several years.

The current process is broken. Help us force the creation of a new one. Please sign our petition calling for a new international adoption system. Your involvement will  help us provoke change.  The time to act is now — too many children are suffering, too many families have lost hope and given up.  Help us provide orphans with what every child deserves: A loving family.

Campaign Plan
  • In its initial stages (2010-11), the campaign is building a grassroots organization using traditional and social media. We are creating a movement rallied around a solution for the international adoption crisis;
  • We are producing a documentary, Wrongfully Detained, which will depict the depth of the international adoption crisis. The movie is designed to have strong emotional impact and motivate people to join the movement;
  • We will engage with a proven, leading public relations firm to gain national and global exposure for this issue, develop a market strategy, execute a promotional plan, and secure media appearances;
  • We are working to recruit three additional board members reflecting business, systems, logistics, and operational expertise;
  • We will also recruit a celebrity spokesperson for the campaign;
  • We have launched a petition drive to collect 1,000,001 signatures to take to the UN and demand substantive and lasting policies that will promote international adoption;
  • We are planning a nationwide bike ride to showcase the Sept. 1, 2011 release of the film, raise awareness, fuel the petition drive, and advance fundraising, outreach, and marketing activities for the movement; and,
  • In 2012, we will convene and facilitate a Summit of Nations to establish a process for expanding pathways for adoption all over the world. The summit will bring together receiving countries and sending countries to develop a better global system for international adoption.
The Summit of Nations is the catalyst to create real, tangible change for the orphans of the world. Our ultimate goal is a streamlining HUB (pilot launch set for 2013) to facilitate all international adoptions so children can be matched with families in a time scale of months, not years, and at reasonable expense.

They are creating a documentary to spread their lies. They are organized and and their claims are believable and garner sympathy...


Anonymous said...

I hope that they really can speed up the adoption process for international adoption. It should not take 3 years to adopt a child in need of a home.

Mirah Riben said...

Speed is often counter to accurately assuring the child is truly an orphan. Would you want to rush an adoption only to find you had adopted a child who was obtained nefariously?

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