Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trying to FORCE Adoption!

October 18

Guy can't force ex-girlfriend to give baby up for adoption

Kennebec Journal Staff

Dear Annie: My 27-year-old son broke up with his 23-year-old girlfriend after a three-month relationship that was largely based on sex. Six weeks after the breakup, the girl announced that she was pregnant. My son is sure that he is the father, but marriage is not in the picture.

Here's the sad part: This girl has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 10 years old and is on disability. She does not work, attend school or care for herself in any capacity. She is unable to lift 10 pounds or cut her own food. However, she is quite capable of drinking beer, smoking and singing in karaoke bars. She's been told that her disease will go into remission during pregnancy, but will return in spades once she delivers, making it necessary for her to have 24/7 assistance. This girl has had at least one abortion before, and we are now aware of past drug abuse.

All tests show the baby to be healthy. My son does not feel that either of them could offer this child a good life, and he would like to pursue open adoption. The ex-girlfriend, however, is adamant that friends and family will help her raise the baby. I am beside myself with concern for my son and his unborn child. What is our next step? -- A Concerned Mother

Dear Mother: You cannot force the ex to give up the baby for adoption, even if it would be in everyone's best interests. Your son will be obligated to pay child support, like it or not. He doesn't have to marry the ex-girlfriend or assist in her care, but we hope he will take an interest in his child. Please have your son seek legal counsel to iron out the details about support payments and visitation, and put them in writing.

RA is NOT genetic. I gave birth to and raised three kids after having it.  And two perfectly healthy people can give birth to a "defective" child. Happens all the time. It's a crap shoot!

This is a case of an overprotective mother trying to protect her ADULT son from taking responsibility for what he did instead of teaching him to be a MAN!  I love that the ex is all kinds of bad NOW, but she was good enough for him to impregnate!

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halforphan56 said...

Wow! Nothing like being helpful to the Mom and her unborn baby! Seems like she's in depression and needs compassion and real help to build up her self esteem. Her baby is going to need help, too, to stay with her Mom. Child support and visitation from the father will help this child grow up emotionally healthy. There's so much available now for never-married parents who are co-parenting: play groups, parenting classes, food pantries, social support networks through churches and community centers. I know of a mother who is now divorced with a small child and the mother cannot walk without the use of specialized canes because of severe leg deformities. This woman is an excellant mother! RA and other medical conditions do not keep a mother from mothering, or a father from fathering!

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