Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adopted: For the Life of Me

Two great pieces of news about Jean Strauss’s feature film Adopted: For the Life of Me.

The film is being broadcast on PBS! with a prime time screening in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York City on Sunday, November 7th, at 7:00 p.m., and at other times and regions throughout the coming year!

The film has been recut (to 57 minutes) and powerfully illuminates the lifelong impact that secrets can have, not only on adoptees, but on birthparents and adoptive families.

The second piece of news is that the film website is officially launching today! You’re the first to know: adoptedforthelifeofme.com

On the home page you’ll find screening dates and times (be sure to check back often for new screenings – dates are being added daily!) and all kinds of other cool tools and things to do! You’ll find news clips, other short films, maps of adoption policies and legislative efforts, and most important, simple actions you can take to be involved in adoption reform. Please visit and:

Consider joining the brand new Adoption Reform ACTION! List (in partnership with AAC and to be used only by national and regional reform groups directly involved in legislation). Just visit the Action page on the website. It only takes your name, email and state. As a member of the list you will only be sent alerts when there is critical legislative reform action you can take where your voice will make a difference.

Consider sharing your own story on the About page. Comment on the home page.

Host a Community Screening for free! on the Tools page. Help educate your friends and neighbors about the need for adoption reform. With our free loaner dvd program, you can host a screening and all it will cost you is the $1 postage to return the dvd. Please contact Cindy at Carmcguigan@aol.com.

Please join in the outreach regarding the need for adoption reform in the forty states which continue to withhold original birth records from adopted citizens.

States which have taken the bold step of reversing sealed records laws have proven that access to records is an empowering, healthy change in adoption policy – benefiting all members of the adoption triad. To learn more, please visit us at:


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Christine said...

Just looked it up in Philly area. It shows on NJN2 from November 2nd thru 8th at 4:00pm

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