Saturday, June 5, 2010

When Genetic Attraction Breaks Taboos

Genetic sexual attraction. It happens. It's rare, maybe sick and twisted...certainly lacking in a sense of consequence.

It happens because everything about adoption is so damn unnatural. When it does, it makes for great salacious headlines. In the case of Aimee Louise Sword they included her being accused of "hunting down" a "ten-year-old" and raping him.
Aimee, 35, did not “track down” her son: His family’s social worker asked his permission to find her, because he was getting unmanageable at home and they hoped his real mother might be able to set him straight. Secondly, her son was not 10 years old: He was 15 – she put him up for adoption ten years ago, when he was 5. Thirdly, she did not “rape” him: he apparently coerced her into it and she gave in due to the feeling of guilt of having him put up for adoption.

Aimee entered a guilty plea to one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct to avoid creating "any more trauma or psychological damage to the child" by having him have to undergo questioning and cross-examination in a trial, according to her attorney.

Mark Plotczyk commenting on this story on Facebook noted that adoptees are "trying to transliterate the somatic/psychological /spiritual experience of not being 'grounded' - attached

JoAnn Sawnson, a CI, warns her clients about the possibility of GSA by explaining that:

1. Thwarted maternal instincts for one's child can come surging back with a vengeance, and with no warning. I've read of mothers secretly feeling the need to put their 'new-found babies' to breast!

2. Adoptees often report an intense hunger to touch the flesh of someone related to them by blood - and especially their mothers. The electricity that passes between them at reunion can easily be mistaken for the only kind of 'magic' they've ever felt before - a romantic one.

Media drama aside, what makes this extremely ATYPICAL even for GSA is the fact that she apparently parented this child for ten years.  They were only apart 5-6 years!  My goodness, I mean if your son goes off to college for four years, or is a teen facility for that time period, do you bed him?  Even if he WANTS to and you feel guilt about sending him away?

Seems she engaged in some victim blaming regarding him "coercing" her with guilt.  She's the adult and that's always got to be the line in the sand. A decent mother would validate his feelings but not cross that line with her son.  And she WAS his MOTHER in every sense of the word.

I suspect drugs or mental illness were part of life to begin with and caused her to loose a 5-6 year-old child.   I think she was a troubled woman to begin with and this is just one more aspect of it...


Von said...

Very sad and rare story.We see so many people who forget or can't keep in place the boundaries these days..teachers,probation officers, ministers and so on.This of course is different and seems to relate in many cases to your last point about the genetic connection.
Adoption is unnatural it causes these behaviours.

Marriage Equality said...

I do not think consensual sex between adults should be compared to child molestation/rape. If two adult people experience GSA, it shouldn't be anyone else's business. Someone who so much as fondles a 10-year-old is definitely doing something wrong, blood relative or stranger.

Mirah Riben said...

Marriage - he was 16...not that I am condoning that either.

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