Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pro-Choice Push for Adoption!

Much has been written by myself and others such as Kathryn Joyce about the pr-life push for adoption.

Take a good stiff drink, grit your teeth,  and read "Adoption: A Pro-Choice Option."

The Adoption Access Network - founded by Spence Chapin, one of the early NCFA members - is launching a campaign to"make adoption a subject that patients and social workers alike feel more comfortable broaching in abortion clinics."

"The whole mission of our project is to bring pro-choice standards to the field of adoption. It’s been difficult for the pro-choice movement to make a claim to adoption. Providers are traditionally only as good as the resources they have available and the truth is the adoption resources haven't been very pro-choice. We decided to address this and have created a network of pro-choice adoption agencies around the country.....Most women who choose adoption, their intitial choice is abortion."

Sound familiar? It's right out of the NCFA propaganda manual for social workers, adoption facilitators and health professionals on how to CONVINCE mothers to relinquish!

Since open adoption is simply not available to many women, having an agency like Spence-Chapin, fully supportive of women's and girl's reproductive rights leading the call is critical...Connecting women's health centers that do offer abortion services, with other health providers, and social service agencies in an area is a noble and important goal.

The Adoption Access Network seeks to look more closely at how to promote ethical and human-rights based adoption services for mothers and their children.
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