Sunday, June 6, 2010 focuses on International Adoption as a Human Rights Issue

So far two articles by  Katy Glenn, a human rights lawyer living in Africa, have been published on the organization's blog. Both reconfirm issues raised in my groundbreaking expose, The Stork Market of 2007 and later by E.J. Graff in her 2008 Foiegn Policy article, The Lie We Love, available at

Part I: International Adoption: A Tricky Business

Part II: Dangerous Gaps in the Business of International Adoption

The first article states that:
"Even factoring in all [necessary and required fees] a five-figure agency fee suggests that someone within the agency is doing very well, and it provides motivation for those agencies to ensure that the supply of children in need of adoptive parents remains steady.

"Further complicating this, most prospective adoptive parents are looking for children who are both very young and healthy.  As within the United States, older children and children with special needs have more difficulty finding adoptive parents.  Thus, some adoption agencies are motivated to locate young, healthy children.  The issue here is that evidence suggests there are not very many young, healthy children in need of adoption in most countries, and that a significant number of such children presented as eligible for adoption have essentially been trafficked."
 The second informs;
"Adoption agencies located in the child’s birth country typically receive fees of thousands of dollars — sometimes over $10,000 — for each adoption.  These fees provide an incentive for some unscrupulous agencies to resort to unethical measures, including deceit, coercion, and at times outright kidnapping, to procure healthy young children to offer for adoption." 

It then focuses in particular on Liberia.

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Von said...

Thank you for posting this, confirming what we all suspected.

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