Friday, March 18, 2011


Resilience is an extroidinary film by Tammy Chu.

A beautifully made personally focused documentary that follows mother and son - Korean and Korean-American - on a leisurely and delicate dance between the two nations as each speaks of the effect of having been separated by adoption has had on them. The baby, now a man and a father, living in South Dakota and his Korean mama who was forced to give him away but never forgot.

Both lead ordinary lives as they begin to move - each in his own way - toward one another, preparing for reunification.  A visit and then another that includes grand-daughter and grandmother. They struggle poignantly, patiently and with grace through language barriers as the two become intertwined non-verbally through nourishment and affection.

Along the way an activist is born, channelling her personal loss and pain into helping to support single mothers and hoping to end overseas exportation of Korean babies for adoption. All is accomplished in a delicate pace, that rushes nothing, allowing the viewer to savor each moment.

Then, excitement builds as he plans to return to Korea for what they both hope will be forever...

You can view the trailer and read more about this highly recommended film here and watch for a showing in your area or purchase a copy of your own.

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