Friday, March 18, 2011


Rhode Island has a bill pending that would allow access to adoptees 18 years and older - born AFTER 2012.  

All other adoptees would be required to reach FORTY years of age before being allowed access!!

This is the most horrendous TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE 
ever attempted upon adopted citizens!  
It is an outrage!

Download PDF to read S0478 here.

The scream, yell and holler at RI legislators!

Write letters to the ediors of every newspepr everywhere and call attention to this diaster in the making!

UPDATE: R.I. Activists have two clean bills H 5453 and S 0361.   There will be public hearing on H 5453 in the Judiciary Committee on April 5th that we are preparing for.

They fully expect this bill to pass in the Judiciary and pass in the full house as has been the case for the last two years.  We expect there will be a public hearing on both S 0361 and S 0478 the same day.  Once the house bill has passed then our effort to make a distinction between the two bills will start in earnest. 

1 comment:

WA State Adoptee Rights said...

Well...this is what's to be expected when "advocates" piddle around with conditional legislation; more of this type of legislation will be introduced and possibly passed into law if people keep dicking around with civil and human rights...

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