Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Adoption FACTS

Pro-adoptionists - those whose livlihood depends directly or indirectly on the redistribution of children. the religious right who want to 'save' the world and recruit for Jesus, and adoptive parents who feel the need to justify by proselytizing...would have you believe a lot of LIES and untruths about the need to save children languishing in orphanages around the globe.

Here are facts to counter their "savior" claims:


- FACT: 90% of children in orphanages worldwide are not orphans but have at least one living parent and/or extended family to reunite their family as was the case with the two children Madonna adopted. These people have no concept of – or desire for – permanent adoption of their children.

- FACT: Many people all over the world are exploited for their ignorance, asked to sign papers they cannot read; told their children are going to the US Europe of an education.

- FACT: In nations that have ceased IA because of corruption, the number of allegedly “abandoned” babies dropped to almost zero. When adoptions were resumed, the number of said “abandoned” babies rose back up again to meet the demand!

- FACT: Many caring people wanting to adopt for purely altruistic reasons and chose reputable agencies have inadvertently adopted children who were stolen or kidnapped. Child traffickers label kidnapped children abandoned and it is virtually impossible to verify otherwise.

- FACT: Children ARE stolen, kidnapped and trafficked for adoption in China, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Guatemala.

- FACT: Children are kidnapped, stolen and trafficked all over the world to meet a demand for younger children while older and physically challenged children are ignored in orphanages as are the 120,00 US children in foster care who COULD be adopted! 

- FACT: Children who might benefit from adoption are ignored in US foster care and orphanages around the world because they are older, disabled or sibling groups while children are sought and coerced or stolen to meet the demand!

- FACT: The tens of thousands of dollars paid by westerners to adopt prevent local residents from adopting within many nations because they cannot compete financially with fees set based on demand.

 Read the UN quotes at the top of this page and the additional quotes on the quote TAB. 

If you are at all confused about the claims of the Un and ALL child experts who work on the ground in impoverished nations as compared to those claiming to want to "save" kids by gobbling them up to met a demand...think about each parties MOTIVE...or as they say, "follow the money."

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