Friday, March 4, 2011

Adoptee Rights Icon

I am working on a project and I needed to list all orgs that support equal rights for adoptees...

#1. If you know of any other than these, please share:

•    The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, information for adoption professionals: research, policy, and practice, .
•    The American Adoption Congress, international network of individuals and organizations committed to adoption reform,
•    Ethica, an independent voice for ethical adoption,
•    Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform, a voice for prospective and adoptive parents,
•    Concerned United Birthparents, a national organization concerned about adoption issues, http:
•    Adoptees’ Liberty Movement Association,
•    Coalition for Responsible Open Adoption Reform & Education,
•    Adoptee Rights Coalition,
•    Bastard Nation, Dignity and Equal Rights for Adult Adoptees (Adoption Reform),
•    Americans for Open Records,
•    The Adoptee Rights Web Site for California and Beyond,
•    The Adoptee Rights Demonstration,
•    Pennsylvania Adoptee Rights,
•    Unsealed Initiative,
•    NJ-CARE,
•    Tennessee Adoptee Rights and Liberty,
•    Connecticut Adoptee Rights,
•    Equal Rights Washington, http://
•    B’FOR, birthmothers for open records,

#2. It led me to think how kool it would be for us to have 
a universally recognized 

Which do you like better? 

Left or Right?

If we ALL sported one recognizable logo, we'd know immediately if an org supported equal access. I spent a good deal of time looking at the CWLA website to see if they did or didn't. Could find support of "oneness" i.e. open adoption, but nothing specially on OBC access.... 

This symbol would easily identify groups, orgs, blogs, FB pages etc.,...even email signatures...
and give us some needed UNITY and strength in numbers! 



Von said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I like the logo on the right.

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