Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sheryl Crow: Closed Adoption? Closed to Whom?

The following story is difficult to interpret because it is filtered through the press which has no accurate understanding of the terminology and workings of adoption.

Sheryl Crow Requested Closed Adoptions

November 9th, 2010 1:46pm EST  
Sheryl Crow Sheryl crow asked officials to keep the details of her adoption bids secret - because she didn't want her sons' biological mothers to see their kids in the press.

The All I Wanna Do hit-maker decided to adopt a child following the breakdown of her relationship with cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2006, and she welcomed little Wyatt into her life a year later. She went on to adopt a second son, Levi James, earlier this year.

And the star had one demand for adoption officials when they were filing her request for a child - she wanted her case to be closed to the public to save the boys' real parents any more heartache.

She tells Britain's Guardian, "I said I would take whichever baby I was supposed to have. My philosophy was that souls find each other; you don't end up with the wrong child. (But I wanted a closed case). It would be extremely hard for a mother to watch the child she gave away... grow up in the magazines."

While I love that they used the term "REAL" mother ! its is unclear whether these are closed adoptions as we know the term, or "closed to the public" which all adoptions are.

If the goal is to keep the children's photos out of view of the media, that seems like it would be up to Crow...and for how long would she be able to keep them safe from photographers?

This seems a classic case of "protecting" mothers by keeping them in the dark.  Seems to me she is protecting herself from them knowing who SHE is!

And don't you just love that she got the kids after her relationship ended. Fill the void with a kid! Crow and Bullock can start a club!

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