Monday, November 1, 2010

Kevin Cohen Guilty: Facing 92 Years

NY attorney guilty in $300K adoption scheme

A New York attorney who advertised himself as an adoption expert has been convicted of stealing more than $300,000 from prospective parents for babies that did not exist.

Adoptee and attorney Kevin Cohen was convicted Monday in Nassau County Court of grand larceny, forgery and other charges. He faces up to 92 years in prison.

Prosecutors say Cohen, a Roslyn attorney, scammed hopeful couples with fake sonograms and fictitious records on forged stationery from hospitals and doctors. Thirteen prospective parents testified against him at his three-week trial.

Cohen, who represented himself, says he suffers from multiple illnesses including bipolar disorder and was undermedicated at the time.

Cohen was found guilty of using fake sonogram pictures and report son forged hospital stationary for babies that didn't exist.

But isn't it interstesing that this got proecuted and he faces such a stiff penalty for ruipping people off for money. And those who rip mothers off by duping them inorder to obtain their baies get off scott free!

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Von said...

Of course that's the beauty of adoption!

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