Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's Encourage More Family Disruptions! YAY!!!

*Let's Celebrate National Adoption Month Together! *

Adoption Today magazine is doing a giveaway-a-day in November for AT subscribers and Facebook fans. Giveaways include adoption movies, music CDs, books and so much more...all from adoption advocates around the world. Win prizes, subscriptions and more by participating in Adoption Today's
great *National Adoption Month Promotion*. .....


Now, just imagine this:

DIVORCE TODAY Magazine Celebrates 
"Dump The Bum" Month

  • Do you suspect your spouse of cheating or lying? - Dump the Bum!
  • Has your mate gained an inordinate amount of weight since you said "I Do"? - Dump the Bum!
  • Has his or her personal hygiene gone down hill?  Does he leave dirty underwear lying all about?
  • Does he expect sex more often than you are in the mood? Does she turn you down when you want sex?
  • Does she spend money like it's growing on trees? Does he gamble every penny away?


Do NOT be one of those women everyone whispers about who "stands by her man"!!

Think about all the never-marrieds out there are eager for a chance at forever romance! 

 All those poor desperate women who have dreamed all their life about their wedding! 
Men ans woman who have experienced the heartbreak of broken engagements - 
or were left at the alter! Jilted! Lied to with false promises!

Redistribute your spouse today!  
It's the right, loving, UNSELFISH choice!

Think of the widows and widowers all alone - don't they deserve a shot at it again? 
Doesn't the Bible tell us to care for widows and widowers?  

Give up your spouse.

You can request an "open" divorce and remain friends!

That way, you'll get to see photos of your former spouse with his or her new wife or husband, eating their wedding cake, laughing on their honeymoon. 
They'll share photos of the kids they have together...playing with YOUR kids!  

Yes, you may be sad for a while. But there are many qualified divorce counselors and support groups in every town to help you get over it...you CAN and you WILL go on to have a happy independent life, free of the BURDEN of marriage!

Just think of the opportunities in front of you!

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