Friday, November 5, 2010

Adoption Truth: Threats Against Complaints

As the US "celebrates" Adoption Awareness Month to increase adoptions...the ugly truth leeks through the cracks... 

Complainant in adoption racket case alleges threat

Anjali Pawar-Kate, director of Sakhee and a complainant against the alleged adoption racket at Preet Mandir, on Wednesday filed a police complaint against a South African adoptive family, alleging that one of its members had threatened her over phone. 

“I received a call at 7.12 pm on Wednesday from an international number. It was a woman and she started abusing me. She asked me to stop interfering in the adoption matter, else I will have to face dire consequences,” Pawar said.
She said in her complaint that she had called back on the number and got to know that the call was from a woman in South Africa — an adoptive parent of Preet Mandir. The complaint has been lodged with Sahakar Nagar police. “The woman concerned had filed an application with Preet Mandir to adopt a child before the adoption house’s licence was suspended. The Bombay High Court has ruled that the adoption could go ahead only after a complete investigation.” 

For more on the Preet Mandir adoption scandal, here, here, and here and this by the Schuster Institute.

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