Friday, November 12, 2010

Bigbee's Previously Sold Daughter in on the Sting

According to a follow-up report on the arrest of Patty Bigbee for trying to sell her grandson for $75,000, it has been revealed that it was her own sold daughter she tried to sell it to...and that daughter wants to adopt her nephew!!  This convoluted story could never have been made up!!

Ya' gotta love - she didn't sell me, she just extorted my adoptive parents for money! HUH?! She didn't lie, she just didn't tell te truth!

Florida woman says mother extorted cash for adoption

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - The police informant who foiled an attempt by a grandmother to sell her newborn grandchild in Daytona Beach last week says she was given away 26 years ago by the same woman for a $30,000 profit.

"She did not sell me. She did extort my (adoptive) parents for quite a bit of money," Danielle Skiver, now 27, said in an interview on the MJ Morning Show broadcast by a Tampa radio station this week.
Skiver notified police after she said her long-lost biological mother Patty Bigbee found her recently on Facebook and offered to sell a then-6-week-old newborn -- Bigbee's grandson by a younger daughter -- to her for $75,000, a price later negotiated down to $30,000.

Bigbee, 45, her friend Lawrence Works, 42, and the infant's mother, Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, 22, have been arrested. Bigbee declined a request by Reuters for an interview on Thursday from the Volusia County Jail.

Skiver said she hadn't seen Bigbee since she was given away at age one until the police sting operation last Friday in a Daytona Beach parking lot, where the baby sale was supposed to take place and where Bigbee was arrested.

Skiver, who said she had a happy childhood with her adoptive parents, said she is taking steps now to try to adopt the baby boy, who is in state custody.

She said she grew up knowing the story of her own adoption as told by her parents. Skiver said Bigbee overheard her adoptive mother lamenting in a cafe that she could not have more children. An hour later, Skiver said, Bigbee showed up at her adoptive mother's workplace with infant Skiver in tow and said, "Here, you want a baby? Have mine."

During the course of the nine months it took to finalize the adoption, Skiver said, Bigbee pressured her adoptive parents for money and got a total of about $30,000 from them.

"She would show up at their house, at their work. If you don't give me more money, you know, I need to buy a car," Skiver said on the radio show. "They were scared to death she would take me back."
Skiver said Bigbee was pregnant with another child by the time the adoption was finalized. She said she knows she has a brother through Bigbee, but doesn't know where he is.

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TrinaH said...

Ahhh, nothing like a biological family - aren't they always just perfect, even when we move down the line from mother to grandmother? Wouldn't have been so much better for this little baby to stay and live with people that care so little for it. I realize this was posted to show demonstrate how dirty adoption can be - but this actually just proves to me that not all biological families are the best people for children to grow up with - because if you think this abuse would have stopped at this - if they keep him, you can guarantee it would continue.

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