Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Loving Memory of Betty Jean Lifton

Betty Jean Lifton - BJ - a great lady and a tireless advocate of adoption reform joins Annette Baran...two legends lost this year...and they are both with Jean Paton...

I last saw BJ last month when she presented at the St John's Conference, a conference she was instrumental in starting. She succumbed to complications of pneumonia on Nov. l9 in Mass General Hospital.

More than an author of the quintessential seminal books on adoptees, more than a writer, speaker, and therapist, BJ had a heart as big as all of life and was always available to help an adoptee in need.

Always accessible to all, she recently wrote many concerned emails to me about an adoptee who was having great difficulty with a rejection. She was always available and always treated everyone with respect....graciously sharing her wealth of wisdom. A very classy lady!

She will be greatly missed as my "go to" person for such help and advise.

You can visit her webpage here.  
Facebook members can read and share condolences with BJ's husband of 58 years, Robert Jay Lifton, here.

BJ is remembered in the NY Tomes. here.

1 comment:

Von said...

A great woman, she'll be missed.

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