Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Adoption Theology" Challenged Beautifully!

I have tackled the subject of Christian theological arguments that compare child adoption to God's adoption of sinners and use it as an excuse to promote adoption as a way to save "sinners" and increase the flock.

A new blog post at ChinaAdoptTalk does a magnificent job on this topic:
I don't find it theologically sound -- an analogy to adoption is not an adjuration to adopt.  And James 1:27 says we should care for widows and orphans -- and there are lots of ways to care for orphans without adopting them.  And if we're going to equate care with adoption, then I want churches to start arranging marriages for widows, too!  I also worry that the theology of adoption paints adoption as a way to "save" children, which I think is completely corrosive to adopted children's self esteem, dignity, identity.  I also worry that when the focus is on saving children, the requirements of ethical adoption weaken for those with an ends-justify-means mentality.

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Von said...

The adoption industry uses many means, this is but one.

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