Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vital Records by Jean Strauss

Twenty-two minute film n the web here along with a trailer for "For The Life of Me."

A handful of states now allow adopted adults access to their original birth certificates - but the vast majority of adoptees in America are denied the ability to know their past. "Vital Records" illuminates the ongoing debate about adoptee access, shedding light on the realities and myths of the sealed records system, and hearing both the champions and opposition to this very human need. It will make you cry - and think...

Hear Tom Atwood state that finding our who you are "undermines adoption" and that adoptive parents are "adequate" and his belief that the right of privacy continues into the grave....and his use of his term "mandatory openness."

Jean intersperses his comments with the converse of opinion - showing him clearly to be an out an out liar -  making her the Michael Moore or John Stewart of adoption, without the humor!

The downside is that it focuses on New Hampshire which has a contact veto. The upside is that it is a reminder of Annette.

See it and share the link  !

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