Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UPDATE On West Australia Apology Event

From Evelyn Robinson:

Some people outside of Australia have asked me when things are going to take place on the 19th of October so that they can arrange to acknowledge the apology wherever they are in the world. The apology is taking place in Perth, Western Australia and so if you visit the world clock web site you can work out what time it will be where you are. [Note: Perth is exactly 12 hours EARLIER THAN US EST time.]

For those who are interested, this is the plan for the day:

Everyone will meet at the pergola on the southern side of Parliament at 2.00 pm and then flowers will be laid in the sunken garden for all the children lost to adoption. At 2.30 there will be a short speech and then one minute's silence will be observed for all the mothers in Australia and around the world who have lost children to adoption. At 2.40 everyone will make their way through the main entrance to the House to hear the apology, which is expected to start at 3.00.

It is likely that the apology will be transmitted live on the government web site. [We will hope for a rerun!]

Please be assured that those of us who are present for this historical event will be thinking of all of you who are not able to be there.


Anonymous said...

Hi can we include the fathers as well mention their love for their children my daddy and thousands of daddies suffered this legal kidnapping of their children and although I think their has to be a national inquiry and international inquiry I cannot help but be amazed at the thought that a flower may be laid that begins to address the pain of living my life in total denial of myself as a human and my kin my blood this waking nightmare of un natural mental warfare on my mind as an adoptee or adaptee!! Mixed feelings but hope it opens up the dam and the torrent begins to flow and flow until this gross atrocity of human kind is exposed Peace for all of us real name on birth cert "nameless female " You see the kindly authority forgot to put my name on my birth cert shame I had to wait 40 years to find out my identity had indeed been wiped out comletely and my mother gave me a name so !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there just wondering if an apology is made to mothers how can adoptees be left out ?? I am part of my mother it concerns me the govt is still trying to seperate me from my mother and father?? I will take this in the spirit it is given but I was illegaly taken from mother and an apology is not good enough as soon as the apology is given I will be writing to the NZ govt the truth has to told this was a social experiment and I have the proof its all over the internet hearing the australian official saying he heard some sad stories is pathetic we are talking about the one of the greatest crimes of this century I certainly hope he gets a few more facts before he gives his speech . As a result of adoption I wondered what I was it took away my very humaness it is brutal not sad . Adoption is a social construct and un natural and insane if adoption is so great why dont the rest of the world give up their children at birth ? Dont worry we will drug you to obilvion so you wont even notice they are gone and no need for a funeral as your baby never exsisted and when you run screaming down the hall for your baby dont worry we will restrain you and give you more drugs and dont worry while you baby is waiting for complete strangers to pick her up we will send her off for some nice experiment so she doesnt get bored waiting !!!!! And daddy dont worry we wont even tell you your baby has been born or what sex they are !!!! And rest assured your baby will go to strangers not fit to even look after children who will punish you for not being their own child for ever and dress you in rags and tell you to be gratefull not sad brutal and inhumane the miners had 70 days to wait for their family try waiting 35 years see what kind of mental state your in after that !!!!!!!!

Mirah Riben said...

I agree! here is the US adoptees deserve an apology for being taken from their families ABD form being denied access to their own birth certificate ...discriminated against and treated lesser than their non-adopted peers in that regard.

Mirah Riben said...

Evelyn Robinson says:

"I contacted the minister in WA and asked that the apology apply to everyone whose life has been affected by adoption separation in WA. His response was that they had only been contacted by mothers and they hadn't heard from anyone who had been adopted. It'll be interesting to hear how it is worded on the day."

In my experience with US adoptess, many would avoid asking for an apology because of their over-rising concern not to "offend" their aps, even though as I said, they certainly deserve it.

Von said...

As I understand it, from the wording I saw, the apology applies to adoptees as well.The time frame includes a time when fathers like mine had nothing to do with the birth,adoption or aftermath, only the conception.Often they took no interest, paid no maintenance and were often glad to get off scot free if they were married.They were tough times for women.When other countries frame their apologies for their situations and times hopefully fathers will be included if appropriate.

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