Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adoption: Biggest Money-Making Operation in Haiti

“Adoption and child sponsorship is the biggest money-making operation in Haiti right now,” Susie Krabacher of the Aspen-based relief organization Mercy & Sharing. “Everybody and their aunt is starting one. You can raise a lot of money if you have kids in rags who look hungry. A lot of them will round up 50 kids from the neighborhood every time a white person shows up — and once the foreigner leaves, everybody goes home.” ...

That frustrating new phenomenon in the long-neglected and impoverished communities which the Krabachers have made their life’s work, they believe, is now keeping some children from getting the help they need....

“I have nothing against adoption,” Susie said. “But we’ve found that a lot of adoptive families cherry-pick — they want a baby that is perfectly healthy....We are very adamant about raising the kids to become leaders in their own country, not cherry-picking the best, the healthiest, the cutest, and sending them off to foreign countries.”

Chenet said she believes Haiti’s children should grow up proud of their homeland, not trying to flee it.

“The children are Haitian, they should be raised as Haitians and to give back to their country,” she said.

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