Sunday, September 12, 2010

For All Adoption Reformers

The following is a forwarded message from Evelyn Robinson. It is of importance to all of us who wish to reform adoption. Please stay tuned for more information:

Below are some links to information about the forthcoming apology to those who were adversely affected by past adoption policies and practices. This is a world first - a government apology. I'm going to travel over to Western Australia (1000 miles each way!) next month to be present for this important event. I've been in touch with Sue McDonald in Western Australia, who has done so much to bring this apology about. She has been trying to contact other adoption support groups around the world to let them know and somehow include them. She has asked me to pass this on to as many people as possible. Sue wants to ensure that mothers around the world who have lost children to adoption are made aware that the apology is taking place. They may wish to arrange something at a local level to acknowledge the apology and get some publicity for the long term loss and grief associated with adoption separation. Could you please circulate this message - thanks. My email basically said that I will try to draw  attention to the fact that this happened in all western countries, in my radio interview tomorrow that I mentioned to you. Also that on the day of the apology we will gather and walk about a kilometre to the Parliament at 2.00 pm our time. The apology will take place around 4.00 pm so this might be a time for them to co-ordinate something over there.  We are toying with the idea of laying flowers on the steps of parliament or at the King Edward Memorial Hospital to acknowledge all mothers and babies including those overseas - a day or so before or on the day. I also said that if there was not enough time or interest to co-ordinate something, that our hearts will deeply acknowledge all mothers around the world who have suffered the loss of loved and cherished children and that we will be connected with them in spirit.  We could take the time when we rally to light a candle for them before we walk to Parliament. Evelyn could you embody this in an email to them all as I am unable to.  Thanks Sue

The experiences of mothers in Western Australia who are going to receive this apology were very similar to the experiences of mothers in many countries around the world. This is an opportunity for us all to support the apology and perhaps use it to draw attention to our issues. I am still happy to receive more contributions for my new book about parents' adoption separation experiences around the world.

I have met many mothers on my travels to different countries and I've heard from many more who have read my books and visited  my web site. My thoughts will be with all of you on the day of the apology. Best wishes, Evelyn Robinson

Previous reports related to this apology here, and here,  Apology refused here.


Von said...

Wonderful last the day is coming!I wish my mother was still here to take part.

*Peach* said...

Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The Apology will also significantly address the hurt and isolation of Adoptees.

Two previous Apologies (Stolen Generation of Indigenous peoples; Forgotten Generation of Child Migrants] have been very well received as part of a larger package including counselling and family reunification where appropriate. The strange thing, this Apology is from a very conservative government with a strong focus on private enterprise.

The Adoption Reforms by previous social reformist governments here are so wide and deep, that it is impossible to re-embrace the appalling notion of an adoption industry.

My best wishes to adoptees across the planet, and to all the beautiful mothers who relinquished your babes for whatever reason. May we all find a place of calm and acceptance in our lives.
[Denise: Perth, Western Australia].

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