Sunday, May 17, 2009

A "Win-Win"!! is offering college scholarships in exchange for your baby! I believe this is the same organization I wrote about a couple of years ago thats offer cash that has gotten a bit more savvy about it.

This is such a great offer, I am only sorry I am unable to get pregnant to partake in it!

Listen to their appealing - and shameless - come on:

We proudly offer educational scholarships in deep appreciation to birthmothers who have chosen adoption for their children. They have enabled others to experience the joy of becoming parents and created futures, not only for those families, but also for their children, for a lifetime.
I wonder if extra consideration is given to those who promise to get their degree in social work to continue this fine legacy of helping mothers create an abundant supply of unwanted "orphans" so everyone in the world can have one or more of their own!

The vileness and ignorance of the schools to go along with this and not provide at the very least - for any woman struggling to parent!

Please look at the list of schools and write to as many as you can - especially state run colleges - and tell them how misguided and coercive this program is. The only winners in this are religious fundamentals who get newborn converts and the adoption practitioners who profit from the exchange. That's the "win-win" in this!

While visiting their website - be sire to know the AAC logo/link they proudly bear.

(Thanks to Osolomama for sending me this link).

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