Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pieces of Alicia...

Facebook has many failings. Many a day I curse it with frustration or sheer confusion.

But on days like today, I bless its creator.

I used Facebook to set up a memorial page for my daughter, Alicia and through it, she sends angels to me who each provide a piece of the puzzle. Friend after friend writes how shocked they are to hear of her untimely death and the fact that it was self inflicted. They all knew the Alicia's public persona as a very happy-go-lucky, cheerful, friendly person.

Today is a red letter day! I was contacted by a young man who had dated Alicia shortly after college graduation for several months. He is, as Alicia called him, a "mensch" and is trying to help me find more of her college friends by tagging her photos, and he is also going to try contact her brothers!

Straws, I know...but I grasp then fondly.

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