Friday, May 8, 2009

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The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Hague Convention on International Adoption. Both of these instruments recognize the priorities of family preservation and extended kinship care, then domestic adoption only when those options have been exhausted, and international adoption as a LAST RESORT.

Here are some resources collected by myself and Linh Song of Ethica. This list will continue to be updated. It is highly recommended that you bookmark this page:

1. Child Trafficking and "Child Laundering and the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption: The Future and Past of Intercountry Adoption", by David Smolin

2. Romania for Export Only by Roelie Post

3. The Lie We Love by E.J. Graff

4. "Red Thread or Slender Reed: Deconstructing Prof. Bartholet's Mythology of International Adoption " by Johanna Oreskovic, University at Buffalo Law School, SUNY and Trish Maskew, Ethica, Inc. This article is a must read for anyone who believes that international adoption rescues or saves "unwanted" children because of over-inflated or alleged numbers of "orphans" tossed about, despite 88.7% of them not being eligible for adoption because they are not orphans but have at least one living parent,

5. Jae Ran Kim and Jane Jeong Trenka adopted from Korea as children express eloquently their ambivalence about having been taken from their culture. Their voices - representing so many to filled with obedient gratitude to speak out - must become are a vital part of future international adoption:

6. Indigo Willing was adopted from Vietnam and is a researcher at University of Queensland. She's written a paper, "The Celebrity Adoptions Phenomenon: Emerging Critiques from ‘Ordinary’ Transnationally Adoptive Parents." Indigo's observations are dead on and her work with international adoptees has been invaluable.

7. Jini Roby is a researcher at Brigham Young University author of a paper on the perspectives of international birthfamilies, "If I Give You My Child, Aren't We Family? A Study of Birthmothers Participating in Marshall Islands-U.S. Adoptions." She
also has worked in Cambodia and Uganda.

8. The Stork Market: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry which details international child trafficking and brings it home with a shocking look at the coercion of American mothers past and present

9. Read about the Hemlseys and Tracy Manzeur who refused to be part of the problem.

10. Read about Desiree, who was told be her adopted daughters that they were stolen from their mother and see how it feels to know you were unknowingly and unwittingly a party to something that despicable in the name of doing good.

11. "Meet The Parents: The Dark Side of International Adoption" MotherJones

12. Karen Rotabi, PhD, MPh, LMSW and adoptive parent with vast knowledge and expertise in international adoption has written about the remarkable ability of Guatemala - once THE "hot spot" for child trafficking - has been able to turn itself around. By policing baby brokers and putting the priorities of family preservation and kinship care above adoption, with a priority on domestic adoption when all else fails, they have come as close as Australia in eliminating international adoptions.

13. The Orphan Trade: A look at families affected by corrupt international adoptions bLink

15. “Crossing Bodies, Crossing Borders: International Surrogacy Between the United States and India” by Usha Rengachary Smerdon PDF

16. “Sold Into Adoption: The Hunan Baby Trafficking Scandal Exposes Vulnerabilities in Chinese Adoptions to the United States” by Patricia J. Meier and Xiaole Zhang PDF

17. “Inside Story of an Adoption Scandal” by Arun Dohle PDF

18. Debunking the Orphan Myth: Responses to Criticisms

19. Small Commodities: How child traffickers exploit children and families in intercountry adoption and what the United States must do to stop them. Journal of Gender, Race and Justice, 22-SEP-08. COPYRIGHT 2008 University of Iowa

20. Adoption Checklist

20. Why I am Going to Guatemala: See video and learn about children kidnapped for adoption

updated 6/23/09

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Joan M Wheeler, born as, Doris M Sippel said...

Hats off to you for posting this list.

As a half-orphan who didn't need a new family, I am increasingly more and more offended by adoption. Intensity grows with each passing day.

I've been hiding in a sea of illegitmates, afraid to speak my mind because I might hurt my fellow adopteess.

I've been hiding in depression and despair for years. Finding my strength now to stand up and be counted as to who I actually am, who I actually was born to, and who actually raised me, I am no longer afraid to say, "I am not illegitimate!"

I'm sorry if that hurts many of my fellow adoptees. The difference betweeen us need to be said. I did not need a new family, yet it was assumed that I did. As a result, I lost my entire family.

Half-orphans are infants or under-age children who have one parent left. That is no condition to take advantage of the child or the remaining parent. Illegitimacy is no condition that warrants the removal of the child from the single mother.

Somewhere, the ancients are wondering what happened. Why is ancestor worship forgotten when a child is deemed adoptable?

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