Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stop Legal Child Abandoment!

Nebraska, the last state to enact such legislation, went further than all other states. Nebraska's LB157 allows any person to abandon any child up to the age of 19. Since its passage last summer, 34 children and teens have been abandoned in Nebraska at hospital and other sites. Some of these children were adopted; several were driven from out of state.

Family Presrvation supports Bastard Nation call for the immediate and PERMANENT repeal of LB 157 as well as any and all attempts to impose any baby dump/Baby Moses, safe haven bill on the people of Nebraska.

Nebraska’s LB 1 and LB 3, two alternatives to LB157, were introduced on Nov. 14th. LB1 would change the safe haven law to apply to infants 72 hours or younger. LB 3 would create a 2-tiered system of "legal abandonment": one for infants up to one year of age; the other for children between the ages of 1 and 16.

The second tier would also create regional and state "intervention teams" to assist families in abandonment crisis enabling them to access services and avoid abandoning their children if possible. There is no intervention team for infants and their moms.

Nebraska's experience proves that abandonment is unacceptable at any age. The legislature must concentrate on saving Nebraska families rather than saving only the infants, who by the way, are in high demand in the adoption world.

You are encouraged to contact Nebraska legislators at once because bills introduced on the opening day of the Unicam session, Nov. 14th, will be eligible for final passage as early as this Friday, Nov. 21st.

If you are a constituent from Nebraska please say so. While letters from Nebraska residents may be counted differently, it is important for legislators to hear from ALL of us and to know that legal abandonment of infants or children of ANY age – by anyone – is not a solution for troubled families any civilized government should support.

This is an opportunity to have your voices heard!

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