Friday, November 21, 2008

Morally Bankrupt

Our country is not just financially bankrupt - it is morally bankrupt as well.

It is estimated that some 1500 people watched a teen ager die online after ingesting a lethal dose of sleeping pills and did nothing to try to stop him. Where is the humanity? Where is any sense of responsibility? Is life just a spectator sport?

What is our responsibility to strangers when in Nebraska more than 30 children - mostly teens - have been abandoned in recent months by their parents. 20/20 interviewed two tearful mothers who claim they had no other option but to simply open the car door, kiss their kid goodbye, and drive off!

Have we totally lost all connections to one another on a human level?

We live isolated in nuclear families - often just mothers and their children. No extended family. No support systems.

Have we destroyed all meaning of "family" by dissociating it from biology? Children are created in test tubes from purchased sprn[m and eggs, carried by "surrogate" rental wombs, redistributed through adoption...

Children are possessions to be bragged about when they are cute, smart, wel behaved...and, like another possession: disposed of when they disappoint.

Without connection to our biology, how can we possibly connect to a stranger on the Internet and feel any human compassion or kindness?

Humans, seem in many instances to have used our great big huge brains to evolve into the lowest form of life...

Tonight, another teen found this disconnect unbearable to live with. We hope he's in a
"better place." I mourn for Abraham Bigg...and pray for the souls of those who watched and did nothing.

Loosing our jobs, watching our savings dwindle, holds no candle to losing our humanity.

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