Thursday, June 16, 2011

National Adoptee Rights Day

July 28 - National Adoptee Rights Day

1. More signatures are needed on the petition. People should send a request to everyone in their address book and tell them this is personally important, not just a "forward." 

2. Plan to hold local or state-wide demonstrations, marches or anything to get press attention on Thur., July 28.
  • Organize a "Sit-In" at vita records
  • Have a group of people with ABC in hand turn themselves in at a police station for having altered, fraudulent ID
3. SEND OUT PRESS RELEASES whether you will hold an event or not, tell the press about National Adoptee Rights Day.
  •     Use the words "unconditional, unrestricted access" and "repeal" of antiquated laws that DISCRIMINATE.  
  •     Use the words EQUALITY, CIVIL and HUMNAN RIGHTS.
Some good, useable quotes are available from as article by Adam Pertman on adoptee rights as a civil right, at <>.

All such info and more are available at:

Idea sharing welcomed!

COPY, PASTE and SHARE this message widely via blogs, FB, email, etc.!!

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