Monday, June 13, 2011

Mirah's Reflections: OFF TOPIC


Recently Brooke Shields stumbled and fumbled on her lines at the Tony Awards.  You can see it on video here.

THAT is a mistake!

Sexting racy photos of yourself is NOT a mistake! 

Neither are bigoted rants, as most recently heard from Tracy Morgan.

The most insincere apologies are, IMO, made by people saying they "miss-spoke" or that it was a mistake and is not who they are.  "I'm a comedian" is not an excuse for hate speech. Weiner said in his tearful apology that he had no cop out like being drunk, but now he is going for the "treatment" cop out.  Men seem tho think they can do any outrageous irresponsible, unthinking sexual thing that pops in their tiny little pea brains (I didn't say their heads!) and then when CAUGHT go to sex rehab!? Why not just say ten Hail Mary's?  

What ever happened to responsibility?  I was taught not to do or say anything I'd be ashamed of my parents seeing or hearing.  Public figures should not so anythign they'd be shamed of having on the front page because that is where it will wind up.  A talk show personality was asked recently if they thought what Congressman Weiner did was "cheating."  She replied that he hadn't told his wife, and that makes it cheating.

When one makes an actual mistake - as in the case of Brooke Shield's blooper - one apologizes IMMEDIATELY. Not after it's called to their attention that it was inappropriate or after their sneaky actions - and lying cover-ups - are CAUGHT.  Tracy Morgan didn't suggest stabbing gay people to death and follow it at the moment with: "Ooops, I didn't man that." 

In both Morgan's case and Weiner's what they are sorry for is being caught and called on their bad behavior and are apologizing to save their carers. There is not an ounce of sincerity in either apology. Yet the American public is well known for its short memory and embracing such offenders. It's been said that Weiner is simply waiting it out until the next big headline news cycle distracts the public from him. 

This is not to say that I think Weiner's actions are necessarily reason for resignation. They certainly pale against other sexual scandals that involve actual contact with prostitutes, staffers, under age persons...and are less offensive to me in terms of morality and trust than such acts when they are committed by those who preach "family values."

On another subject altogether....

Doesn't Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords look YOUNGER?

God bless her!

She gives me courage to let my hair grow out to it's natural color!! 

I think she looks YEARS younger...more like a college student than  "professional" woman.

Would we have wanted the shooter who did this to Congresswoman Giffords and killed six others to simply say he's sorry and go about living his life?  Would we have accepted an apology or his saying it was a "mistake" and he didn't mean it?  

Neither Morgan nor Weiner killed anyone, but clearly Morgan's comments could lead to that.

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