Sunday, July 19, 2009

The REAL HORROR of the Orphan Movie

Amidst all the hullaballoo and boycott threats surrounding the opening of the Warner Brothers film, "Orphan"...lies the most insidious problem of all: the money grubbing family deconstructionists!

The real horror is that once again organizations such as The Congressional Coalition on Adoption, The Assoc. of Adoption Attorneys, ACT for Adoption -- all of whom are spearheading the campaign.

Why are they doing so? Simple! All these organizations represent adoption attorney who feed on baby selling, fear a loss in sales and a drop income flow. These vultures are once again using the numbers of children in foster care and in orphanages around the world, as if they cared at all about that. Unfortunately, such kids are left behind as predatory baby brokers pressure, coerce, and find babies that have been stolen or kidnapped and trafficked around the globe to sell for international and domestic adoption and fill their coffers! These are the same slime than use foster kids to promote ever increasing tax benefits for their constituents to adopt internationally and ignore the kids they purport to help.

And now they worry this film might scare off some potential customers. They pretend to worry and act concerned and benevolent because they know their customers don't really adopt orphans any more than Madonna did! And their customers know it too.

Those few special souls who are willing to take in special needs kids are not going to be scared away by a stupid fictionalized movie about a girl who did not even really come from the orphanage!

The real horror of adoption is this: that the children who might benefit from a new family are left behind in a market economy that seeks younger and allegedly healthier children.

The horror is the total lack of control of who can hang out a shingle and call themselves an adoption "agency".

The real horror is the coercion, exploitation and child trafficking!

Real Life Horror Exploited

Mean while MTV sees fit to exploit the lives of young women in crisis with a series entitled "16 and Pregnant". I bet the adoption vultures applaud this, or at the very least would not raise on syllable against it. Will we??


Anonymous said...

There is already a "Adoptive Parent Rainbow Farter Forum" applauding "16 and Pregnant". They keep posting how brave and selfless these young parents are. ((BARF))

The real orphan horror is being adopted by abusers, like I was. Why aren't PAP's given psychological exams before being handed an innocent child? It's because MONEY talks and the baby pimps DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHILD ONCE HE/SHE IS ADOPTED.

The "Orphans Deserve Better" campaign is outright bullsh*t. It's propaganda designed to milk more money from the bleeding hearts who believe their lies. Children are BOUGHT AND SOLD EVERY DAY in the world and ESPECIALLY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Adoptive parents are purchasing and are given ownership of the child's copyright. The "forever parents" get to have the child's true biological heritage erased and theirs put in it's place. WHAT LIES, FRAUD, BETRAYAL of the children they proclaim to love!

AdoptAuthor said...

Exactly! When children are sold like cars - who cars who's buying as long as they can pay. That's how kids get "adopted" (read sold) to pedophiles to men like Mancusco and Peckenpaugh. This is not condemning all who adopt. Some are very loving, wonderful people and good parents. But its a crap shoot as much as anyone who buys a car may or may nor be a good driver...or drive drunk repeatedly and even kill people with their car.

I have read several adopive [arnet blogs wherein they complain about the "hopps" they have to jump through - the 'scrutiny' they are subjected that naturla parenst are not. Now, I admit, in an ideal world everyone would receive some basic parenting classes beof etaking kid shome fromthe hospital. Thinmgs like never shake a baby.

But, those who adopt should be above the fray because they are not adopting by accident. It is an intentional commitment. And the scrutiny that is so objectionable to some - it's a joke. In today's entrepreneurial private adoption world of adoption, home studies are done by employees of the adoption agency and paid for by the adopter. Think they're going to turn any down?

Anonymous said...

Not only are home studies done by the agencies and paid for by the adopters but even the "birth parent counselling" is paid for by the adoptors/ Can you guess how much actual counselling is going on as opposed to coercion to the nth degree? I lived it, I know.

*Peach* said...

Just shaking my head. Thanks for this informative post.

AdoptAuthor said...

Yes, and any legal representation is likewise paid for by adopters and is thus conflict of interest.

"16 and Pregnant" on MTV clearly showed the pressure: the adoption is "selfless." (Yes, they STILL use that one!) Can anyone tell me what is selfish about parenting one's child? It is the biggest sacrifice any mother of any age can make. And why is it not equally selfish of adopters to want to be a mothers and fathers?

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