Thursday, June 18, 2009

Preparing For Guatemala

This will be the first of many posts to come on my visit to Guatemala.

My fight is booked. Watching the airfares go up a hundred dollars right before my eyes while online booking, and looking at flights with layovers in Houston or Central America for as much as 11 hours - making overall travel time as much as 19 hours each way....I was delighted to book a non-stop flight that gets me there in 5 hours and home in 6! (MY achy ole arthritic knees are especially happy!) I also got aisle seats.

I received a packet of information about security and other issues. Guatemala is a scary, dangerous place with lots of crime, and not just simple robbery. But that's why I'm going! We are told to stay with our group, leave jewelry at home, dress conservatively, carry money and papers in pouches under clothing...what to say and not say and who to talk to and who not, etc.

There are also health concerns such as "don't drink the water" or drinks with ice cubes not made from purified water and carry pepto! Also immunizations such as tetanus, hepatitis A and TYPHOID are required!

I will be bringing a camera and tape recorder and pocket translator, though translators will accompany us.

Hope to bring back some good photos and stories...and you'll her and see it all here!

I will have occasional computer access and will try to post as it is, stay tuned. I leave Aug first.

In the meantime...I will continue to keep you informed as always on issues of family preservation and the lack thereof.

For more, and how you can help, please see: Three Mothers / Three Daughters

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