Friday, June 12, 2009

No Mercy for Mercy James

The on-again off-again adoption of Mercy James of Malawi by The Material Mom Madonna is a feat accompli.

And the only ones happy, other than Ms M herself?

We are delighted to report that Malawi's Supreme Court has overturned an earlier ruling denying a petition by Madonna to adopt Chifundo "Mercy" James, and has granted a full adoption. According to the New York Times, Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo, in reviewing the lower court's ruling, said that the first decision was a narrow interpretation based on old laws and that "in this global village a man can have more than one place at which he resides." We agree. Moreover, in our increasingly inter-connected world, a child should not be viewed as the sole responsibility of his country of birth.

This statement has been put out by ACT for Adoption, an organization of and for adoption attorney flesh peddlers that works in conjunction with the Center Adoption Policy and Elizabeth Barthelot who said at the recent conference at the NY Law Center that heritage is OVERRATED (a statement that makes me wan to BARF, A LOT.

And speaking of heritage and bloodlines -- wonder what became of the man claiming to be Mercy's father? Was he bought off by Madonna?

ACT is made up of adoption attorneys whose clients are paying them to obtain kids and thus they also defended the exportation of American children - anything for a buck! Even criminal defense attorneys who defend the lowest of the low are doing so to protect the defendant's constitutional right to legal protection. Even the lowliest criminal is provided [ublic defenders: free legal counsel, but not so in adoption.

Who protects the legal rights of the children being redistributed and having their identities taken from them, hidden and falsified - or the mothers who are lied to and coerced or have had their children kidnapped to create a commodity for these lawyers to peddle? No one, cause there's no money in doing that!

Mothers, whether they are persuaded to "voluntarily" surrender or are charged by the state with being unfit parents and have their parents rights terminated by the state - are provided no independent legal counsel! A clear violation of the the Fourteenth Amendment provision that no State shall ‘deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.’

For more about this issue, PLEASE READ:

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