Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacko Update & Speculation

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, 79, was granted temporary custody of the three children and lodged an application to become their legal guardian.

However new questions are arising as to their biological connection to Michael - and even to Debbie Rowe who gave birth to the two older children.

Michael had told Martin Bashir in a 2003 interview that all three of his children were conceived with his sperm. "They are all my children,” he said. And why wouldn't they be? Seems in keeping with a super star's huge ego. Unless, of course, he was infertile.

Was Rowe a surrogate using donated eggs as well? There were also reports yesterday that Jackson never filed legal papers to adopt any of his children. Do you have to adopt a child created through surrogacy?

It is also being alleged that the surrogate mother of the youngest did not know who was buying or planned to raise - or do what with - her child. How can that be legal but a freaked out mother, who may not even know she was pregnant, who drops a kid at a non-approved site in a state of shock can be prosecuted for abandonment???

A tangled web...

Meanwhile, before funeral arrangements have been made, family patriarch, Joe Jackson, separated from Katherine - in a very tacky move - turned up at the BET awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night and worked the red carpet, speaking of his late son AND plugging his latest business venture: a record label named Ranch Records. He exploited Michael as a child and apparently plans to continue even after his death.

Not one to ever mince words, Bastardette says:
I can't think of anything more illustrative (along with Octomom) of the American baybee-making-it's-all-about-me-me-me mania that lets little real human beings be artificially created, anonymized, trafficked, and abused for the pleasure of "adults." These freaks should have been locked in cages at Neverland, a prime exhibit of Menken's boobus americanus.

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Thinking Mama said...

This is very sad, indeed. Michael Jackson had such a strange view about children, always trying, it seems, to keep the very necessary mothers out of the children's lives. Children need their moms and it's too bad that Jackson didn't understand this basic truth. As to who the real parents are, I certainly hope that they're who we think they are. Otherwise, those children are going to be even more screwed up.

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