Monday, May 26, 2008

I Mourn a Once Hero of Mine

I have been an avid fan of Michael Moore since seeing his very first film, Roger and Me" (1989).

I LOVED Fahrenheit 911 and SICKO!!

I have raved and recommended his films to everyone I know and so admired his ability to see the truth and tell it like it is.

And, yet even this icon of the expose and giving us all a window into the corruption of government at the expense of the everyman...even he has been snowed to believe the LIES that adoption RESCUES children!

It's OK for him to admire Madonna's film making abilities. And is even OK that he supports her bringing light to the South African nation of Malawi.

However I am stunned, outraged and in disbelief and EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED to read:

Moore said he was "outraged" by the criticism Madonna received for her efforts to adopt David. Some children's rights groups said it would be better to provide more resources so children could remain in their native countries. Others accused her of using her celebrity status to circumvent Malawian adoption laws, which she denied.

"As one who has seen what the yellow press can and does do, all of that was just one more reminder to me of just how dishonest so much of the media is in this country," Moore said.

He has missed the boat on this one entirely. He is so on the wrong side and sio ignoring the facts.

All of this while Madonna has been publicly speaking - barf bag please - comparing the "pain" she suffered being criticized to labor pains of natural childbirth! A total slap in the fact to her wanna be son David's mother who died in childbirth (or shortly after). So I sort of went through my own kind of birthing pains with dealing with the press on my front doorstep accusing me of kidnapping or whatever you want to call it," she said.

This from the woman too busy to attend and adoption finalization hearing...and not able to bring David to visit his father when she did return to Malawi.

Madonna told a news conference last week at the Cannes film festival that there were no adoption laws in Malawi, and that she was the "template or role model, so to speak, for future adoptions." She has also told reporters she was "happy to be the guinea pig", and expressed hope that her full adoption of David, will make it easier for other people to adopt children in Malawi.

Unfortunately her comments were not appreciated in Malawi:

May 26, 2008 BLANTYRE, Malawi: Malawi's state-sponsored rights group hit out yesterday at recent comments by US pop singer Madonna, saying she was "putting it crudely" when she said the country had no adoption laws.

"If we had no laws, how come she was asked to apply to the court to adopt a child? She used the same laws she is criticising to adopt David," said Dorothy Nyasulu, chairwoman of the state-sponsored Malawi Human Rights Commission.

MICHAEL MOORE: Does Malawi too have "yellow journalism"? Is the human rights commission there NOT speaking for the best interests of their chidlren? Get your head out of your big fat ARSE, Michael! You blew it on this one, dude! You are on the WRONG SIDE and defending a self-interested sensationalist slut. The only thing maternal about her is her name. But the real Madonna never took other people's children away from their family and culture.

Shame on you Michael, You SOLD OUT to hob nob at film festivals! For once - you've been DUPED!

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