Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Blame Game

Blame bl-bl-blah-blah blame

written two years ago, it seemed to bear repeating...

What a lovely little game
It’s often quite inane
Spread blame; deflect the shame
With excuses that are lame

Take responsibility?
Create liability?

Blame bl-bl-blah-blah blame
Blame you mother
(but not your father!)
Blame your boss
Take a toss

Everyone sins
No one wins

Blame bl-bl-blah-blah blame
Blame a friend
(though the friendship
well may end)
Blame the booze
(You’ve nothing more to lose)

You can lick it…
That’s the ticket!

Blame bl-bl-blah-blah blame
Till there’s nothing left to gain
And no one left to blame
Just a trail of blood and pain
Are you insane? Or just immensely vain?

There’s just one answer to it…
The devil made ya’ do it!

Blame bl-bl-blah-blah blame
Blame the rich (they’re so greedy)
Blame the poor (they’re so needy)
Blame the enemy for
Our war

Pass the buck
What the fuck!

M. Riben (August 05)

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