Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Adoptee Survey

I am completing my honours in Psychology this year and am lucky enough
to have secured a supervisor who is allowing me to conduct research on
adoption!! As you can imagine, I am extremely passionate about
advancing what known about the outcomes of adoption (such as those on
our adult relationships and self-esteem) , primarily to bring about
awareness and insight within human service professionals, but also
wider society. However, I need help from adoptees to fill out a short
survey (should take no longer than 30 minutes), as I am having huge
difficulties finding adoptees willing to take part.

Please help if you can!! And read this statement if you are interested:

A study is being conducted by researchers from the School of
Psychology (Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia) to investigate
the broad relationships that exist between individual's experiences in
close relationships, intimate experiences and aesthetic preferences.
Furthermore, we seek to investigate the effects that people's
experience of being adopted at an early age has on psycho-social
outcomes that influence adoptees' later life and development.
Therefore, you may choose to participate in this research as either an
adoptee or a non-adopted person who will form a comparison group.
Secondly, we are interested in understanding the broad relationship
between psychosocial variables, namely an individual's childhood
relationships with parents, close relationships as adults, self-esteem
and aesthetic preferences.

Your participation will assist us in our attempts to extend existing
literature and heighten knowledge and awareness of Psychology and
Human Services professionals.

Participation involves the completion of four survey tasks, followed
by a demographic questionnaire. If you are an adoptee, this involves
some additional questions regarding your unique adoption experience.
It is estimated that your participation will take approximately half
an hour and your time and assistance would be greatly valued.

To demonstrate your interest and/or willingness to participate, please
email the researcher listed below, who is receiving supervision for
her research in Psychology Honours from the Chief Investigator Dr
Penelope Davis. You will then be forwarded an information sheet and
survey package, to be received by you and returned to us via. email.

Jane Sliwka
BPsychScience Honours Student
Griffith University, Mt Gravatt
School of Psychology

jane.sliwka@ student.griffith .edu.au

Thanks to all of those who have sent this around to other forums and
adoptee support groups!! Please everybody else feel free to do

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