Sunday, July 8, 2007

Boycott Clarification and Update

The following clarifies, updates and supersedes the post of

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Parents and Professionals for Family Preservation and Protection supports a boycott of and any and all websites, agencies, organizations, businesses, polices and practices that promote and encourage family separation for profit.

Owned and operated by Natahan Gwillaim, this website operates and supports advertisers that promote and encourage family separations and which "aggressively market" to expectant mothers they refer to as "birthmothers."

Just like legalized abandonment via so-called "Safe Havens" and Putative Father Registries, the above named website operates in a manner that is in direct opposition to, and violates all principles of family preservation and ethical adoption practices.

We are are not "joining with" or any other website, organization, business, or agency whose policies or practices we are opposed to.

We hope that all who honor the rights of children and families will join in putting an end to practices which exist not to protect interest of families and children, but to exploit their resourcelessness and powerlessness for profit.

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