Monday, July 9, 2007


A Nashville based adoptive mothers group called Moms Alive, formed in 2002, in conjunction with Bethany Christian, has taken to the schools of Tennessee for the purpose of baby procurement..and has been doing so for the past five years. The group now visits 35 high schools in Middle Tennessee with its presentation.

Reported in the Tennessean on Feb. 23, 07 (available through their archives after registering and paying, not via link) the group quotes statistics of teen pregnancies and the "shocking" number of them who parent to get their foot in the door.

From their website:
Outside functions include Adoption Awareness Presentations, called the Adoption Option, at area high schools, colleges, universities, crisis pregnancy centers, etc., Please contact us if your organization is interested in learning more about The Adoption Option.
Their school presentations allegedly address "parenting and abortion, it's a third choice — adoption — they particularly stress in an attempt to clear away the stigma and misinformation they say have plagued it"....the "it" being adoption, which just coincidently benefits them and their friends and relatives. I am also curious how they are allowed to discuss abortion int he schools?

"Tammy Delle, executive director of Bethany Christian Services of Nashville, is effusive about the outreach efforts of Moms ALIVE. The adoption agency frequently partners with Moms ALIVE by providing an adoption counselor at many of the presentations." Tammy says: "It is awesome that they do that. There is so much information out there about abortion. There's information about how to get resources to parents, but these teenagers have no information about adoption."

Also presenting with them is one of their prime examples of a teen who "chose" adoption after hearing them speak.

"I would not have chosen adoption if it had not been for the Moms ALIVE presentation," Christine Bowersox says. "I know that for a fact because I didn't know anyone else that had chosen adoption or even that had adopted. I thought adoption was an orphanage, and I could never do that." Christine got to "handpick" the parents of hr child and has the "opportunity" "to pursue direct contact."

I sure hope we can find a mother from Tennessee to tell a different side of the story...or get them banned from the schools entirely.

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