Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BOYCOTT ADOPTION.COM, solely owned and operated by entrepreneur, Nathan Gwilliam, is a money-making venture that provides resources such as blogs, forums and chats for anyone with an interest in any aspect of adoption - and does so for one purpose only: to support their advertisers who profit from adoption placements. Many of these advertisers are unregulated adoption businesses, some of which have been investigated for corrupt practices.

Neither the bloggers, nor their "editors" - who are paid by - apply any restrictions on attacks, libel or slander contrary to their own rules.

Adoption reformers have been lured into using this site which profits adoption practitioners of questionable ethical standards.

Parents and Professionals for Family Preservation and Protection is opposed to the purpose of this site, its advertisers and its practices and urges all who are truly interested in preserving families to boycott and its affiliates.

The site exists to promote infant adoption through advertisings that glamorize relinquishment with lies and coercion - such as photo listing of families seeking to adopt with phrases such as "find the perfect parents for your child" and do not ensure informed option counseling, legal counseling or any other protections for such women.

Adoption reformers need to stand on the side of ethics in adoption and boycott this commercial endeavor to capitalize on the pain of adoption losses while assisting in the increased proliferation of exploitation and corruption in adoption.

We join and support an already existing boycott of by Our support of the boycott against in no way is meant to imply support of any other goal of nor the rights of gays, or anyone else, to adopt. Our interest in this is mutual only in boycotting

The purpose of adoption is to find the best possible family to meet the needs of orphans and children needing permanent care, not to find children for anyone who wants one, thus, we do not support anyone's "right" to adopt a child.

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