Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 28: National Adoptee Rights Day

Adoptee groups petition to declare July 28 National Adoptee Rights Day


Lori Holden was named a Must-Read Mom by Parenting magazine and has written for Adoptive Families magazine, for regional newspapers, and for the readers of her blog, Write Mind Open Heart

Read the article, sign the petition, pass along the link.

Plan demonstrations at your local vital records; or go to your local police stations and turn yourselves in for being in possession of false ID! Send out PRESS RELEASES and get the attention of the media.

Bring signs and banners! Wear your group tee shirts or get shirts at Cafe Press or EqualAccess4Adoptees,org Be colorful and be LOUD!

Demand EQUAL ACCESS! Tell the press this is a civil and human rights issue.

Tell them why we have chosen July 28 to demonstrate: Because on that day in 1868 the 14th Amendment was ratified and became the basis for all the Civil Rights legislation in the last 125 years.

For more details:


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While the National Adoptee Rights Day petition is sponsored by four organizations including the AAC, the activities suggested in this event announcement are solely those of and any and all other groups, organizations and individuals who choose to support them. THE SUGGESTED DEMONSTRATIONS ARE NOT SPONSORED OR SUPPORTED BY THE ACC.  


Anonymous said...

Capitalism has truly gone-a-muck, as infant stranger adoption became in Vogue. As a former public school teacher, I understand the emotional complications young people go through; attempting to understand "why" they were sold to a strange couple, and realize they are "second choice."
No adult adoptee that we know,has been able to fully realize their talents, and all have relationship challenges, even with their children.
Infant stranger adoption should be illegal in all countries of the world. And world civilizations should do everything possible to keep families together.

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised there hasn't been a class-action law suit by natural families-natural mothers.

Mirah Riben said...

While I fully agree with your conclusion that everything possible should be done to help keep families together, you make some extremely dogmatic and broad crush statements about "all adoptees" that one simply cannot make. There is not "all" about any group of people under any circumstances. Many adopted people would disagree that no adoptee "has been able to fully realize their talents, and all have relationship challenges, even with their children." Many perhaps, but we can never say "all." Doing so, actually diminishes and discredits your claims as hyperbole.

Mirah Riben said...

Seems to me a class action suit for access to one's own original birth certificate needs to be initiated by adoptees, not first mothers. I, as a mother who lost a child o adoption, have actually been criticized by one or two adoptees for having "no right" to start this petition!

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