Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Caylee and Casey Anthony

Facebook, like the nation at large, is going viral with anger over the jury's decision.

Tonight on ABC's PrimeTime/NightLine one of jurors spoke and said, simply, without a cause of death they could not connect the dots. She said hey never proved a murder occurred, despite the forensic experts stating that a body with duct tape on it is a clear indication of murder. Other murder cases have been won based on circumstantial evidence, some even without a body at all. But this jury did not.

The public wanted vengeance for the angelic little angel. They and feel cheated.

But this is how our justice system works.  The job of the defense was to create doubt and they succeeded. As long as there is doubt, a conviction "beyond a reasonable doubt" is not possible. Perhaps the prosecution shot to high going for death penalty murder.

Three small silver linings:

1. I sure wouldn't want to be Casey Anthony.  Besides the risk to her life and safety due to the hostility of the public, especially in Florida, what will she do and where will she go?  How can she possibly go back to living with her parents after the accusations made by her defense? Unless they were all in on the game to confuse the jury! It's possible because anything is possible, but I doubt it. I wouldn't want to be her, and yet there are people who idolize and marry convicted murderers, so...

Will she write a book and try to profit from it all? That will only illicit far more anger.

2. While one loose screw on Facebook started a petition "demanding" federal charges against Casey for violating "various" civil rights of Caylee... there is a serious petition that has resulted from this.

Someone created a petition to create Caylee's Law, making it a felony to fail to report a missing child in a timely manner. This makes a great deal of sense and had it been in place, would have led to punishment for the adoptive parents of Edward Dylan Bryant, who would today be 18 years of age. He disappeared as a child in 2001. Austin Bryant, who would be 15, went missing around 2003.

The boys' adoptive father, Edward Bryant, 58, and mother, Linda, 54, who are separated, were arrested in Texas and in jailed in Colorado. But they have not been charged with the disappearance and possible murder of these two boys, just of keeping subsidies after they disappeared.

Support this petition!  If the link doesn't work, it's because it is getting so many hits!! More than 37,000 supporters join in less than 24 hours. Try it again in a day or so.

3. I'm tickled that the verdict pisses off Nancy Grace! Casey Anthony was her pet cause since the child first went missing. Grace had her hung from the start and never let up for a second, pissing off TMZ's Harvey Levin for her attack of the jury.

I just simply cannot stand the working mother who is far too judgmental of mothers for my taste... and am tickled that this really pisses her off no end.

Who is responsible for what happened to that poor innocent child we will never know for sure. Was it an accident and cover up? Why was Casey googling chloroform? Why did she make up a Nanny that didn't exist?  Why didn't the jury find that enough to find her guilty as the public surely did?

All we know for sure is that a child was killed and left to rot in the woods and her mother, Casey Anthony, danced and partied...


Robin said...

A news story is reporting that Casey said while in prison that she would like to adopt a child from Ireland, cute accent and all. If she gets approved to adopt, I'm leaving the country.

Mirah Riben said...

Save a seat for me!

Robin said...

I will. Interesting, too, that her motivation to adopt is because she likes the child's accent. That shows a real caring about providing a home for a needy child. Not! Also, I assume she's interested in an older child. I doubt that Irish babies goo goo gah gah with an accent :)

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