Tuesday, April 5, 2011

National Adoptee Equal Rights Day: Group Sponsorship Sought

Dear Adoptee Rights Activists:

Below is a petition to have July 28 declared National Adoptee Equal Rights Day which will be posted on Care2.com. While many have expressed eagerness to sign the petition, it is not as yet up and running and ready for that. First, we are seeking group/org sponsorship.

Will your group or organization join the AAC in sponsoring this important effort?
    Please go to your boards or members and ask if they would like to see your group's name listed as a sponsor of the petition. The petition is not affiliated with any one organization or individual as creator and will bear no logo, person's name, or any organizations other than those who agree to be listed as sponsors.

There is strength in numbers and this is not state specific - it will help ALL of us! 
    Whether it succeeds in getting a day declared or not, the petition will help bring attention to the issue of adoptee rights as a human and civil rights issue that cannot be compromised.

The AAC board has voted to sponsor the petition.
    It is being considered by EBD, Ethica, PEAR, BN, CUB and many other groups - national and local.

Your organization's name as sponsor would indicate that you support the goal of having a national day declared to bring attention to adoptee rights as a human and civil rights issue. Nothing more.

PLEASE advise your group's decision to sponsor or not by May 1st so the petition can go live at that time!

NOTE: The title, wording and concept contained in this petition are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without written consent.

There is strength in numbers!!


Petition to Declare July 28 National Adoptee Equal Rights Day

WHEREAS: American citizens who are adopted are denied their civil and human rights in regard to, access to their own original birth certificates in most U.S. states ,

WHEREAS: State regulations denying unrestricted access to one’s own birth certificate that apply only to a segment of the population, create a lifelong inequality for adoptees, regardless of age, in a way no others are subject to, and are thus discriminatory,

WHEREAS: It is only since the 1940s that outdated, archaic, draconian regulations have been enacted, unjustly sealing and denying equal access by adopted persons to their own original birth certificates,

WHEREAS: This denial of equal civil and human rights was set in motion by regulations that were opposed from the onset by the Child Welfare League of America and were based on no-longer relevant social stigmas on infertility and illegitimate birth status,

WHEREAS: Alaska and Kansas which never enacted these restrictive, discriminatory regulations has experienced no negative consequences to any citizen nor any increase in abortions or decrease in adoptions,

WHEREAS: There is absolutely no evidence to indicate that mothers or fathers relinquishing children for adoption voluntarily or involuntarily were ever given any promise of anonymity from their children, and most are eager to know of the well
being of their adopted-out offspring,

WHEREAS: No such alleged promises could be made because birth certificates are not sealed until, if ever, an adoption occurs and many adoptive parents obtain documents with the names of the relinquishing parent(s).  Many adoptees are able to locate their original parents without access to their birth certificate,

WHEREAS: Attention needs to be brought to this little known violation of civil rights and to the need to repeal state enacted injustices and restore adoptee’s rights,

WHEREAS: July 28, 1868 the 14th Amendment was ratified giving the Federal Government the right to intervene when states and local governments deprive citizens of their rights. This crucial amendment has become the basis for all the Civil Rights legislation in the last 125 years.

Now, therefore, we the undersigned seek to persuade the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, and the President of the United States of America to declare July 28 National Adoptee Equal Rights Day to heighten awareness of this little known civil rights  issue facing adopted citizens and the need to restore their rights by repealing laws that unjustly discriminate against adopted persons.

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