Friday, April 22, 2011

Evangelicals Buying Converts via "Adoption"

The Evangelical Adoption Crusade by Kathryn Joyce, the Nation.

Ya' GOTTA read it!


As a way for conservative evangelicals to reclaim the social gospel message from liberal churches, adoption is a perfect storm, too, seemingly defining antiabortion activism as more truly “prolife”—or “whole life,” as one Bethany staffer coined it—while providing a new opportunity, as recent orphan theology texts explain, to spread the gospel. In Reclaiming Adoption, Cruver bluntly declares, “The ultimate purpose of human adoption by Christians, therefore, is not to give orphans parents, as important as that is. It is to place them in a Christian home that they might be positioned to receive the gospel.”
These children don’t recognize the flags of their home countries... but they can all sing “Jesus Loves Me.”
“Get as many people in the church to adopt, and adopt as many kids as you can,”
...[adoptions] have become “the biggest money-making operation in Haiti.” Indeed, many orphanages, mindful of high international adoption fees, tell struggling parents that they should give up one of their children. The financial desperation in Haiti is so intense and the coercion so pervasive...
Yet: evangelicals pay international adoption fees that can range from $20,000 to $63,000.
Imagine what that kind of money could to help Haiti instead of stripping them of their future.
“I think Christians are the worst at this sometimes, about the ends justifying the means. ‘I will do anything to save this one child’s life’; ‘I will falsify a visa application if I have to’......committing visa fraud or other serious violations. “You’ll hear people saying, I’m following God’s law, not man’s laws” Chuck Johnson, president of the secular adoption lobby group the National Council for Adoption (NCFA).

“They’re such strong advocates, they’ll do things in desperation to have a child they think is theirs. Some are really unlawful, falsifying an adoption or something like that..."

And this is most crucial:
The bill, which Landrieu’s office will reintroduce this year, would create a special State Department office to oversee adoptions and offer—critics say condition—developmental aid to countries that help obtain permanent parental care for orphans, including through international adoption. In an op-ed published in the Washington Examiner in March 2010, co-sponsors Landrieu and Inhofe dangled the promise that the office could facilitate the placement of tens of thousands more Haitian children with US families.

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Anonymous said...

I freaking LOVE this post as it verifies what I just stated on FB in a thread about this EXACT topic. Adoption SHOULD be about the child period. Pro lifers and Christians USE kids and adoption as a way to further their religion. For if was truly about "saving babies" then they would SUPPORT single parents and not push adoption as an "option". After all isn't single parenting MUCH better than having an abortion? The child is alive correct? Life is all that matters right? Hypocrites is all they are...

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